Tin Man

My book club chose this for the January meeting, and although I hadn’t even started it when the book club met at the beginning of the month I thought I’d give it a try anyway. I do remember seeing very positive mentions of it online last year but never felt the inclination to read it. […]


One of the great things about working in a library is that you come across books that you usually would have no reason to really look at. Like children’s books, especially picture books. I don’t think I’ve ever gone browsing the pictures books section of any shop, but I always love looking at them when […]

Keeping the world away

Lost, found, stolen, strayed, sold, fought over… This engrossing, beautifully crafted novel follows the fictional adventures, over a hundred years, of an early 20th-century painting and the women whose lives it touches. … Quintessential Forster, this is a novel about women’s lives, about what it means and what it costs to be both a woman […]

Woodcut entitled Badger Family by Ian MacCulloch

Look at the pretties : Ian MacCulloch

A while back, trying to make my facebook feed somewhat prettier I followed a few art pages. So I get to see some great art. But sometimes they forget to link to the artist’s webpage, or twitter/facebook/social media of their choice. I figure that if I like the art enough to go find out more […]

I’ll give you the sun

Jude and Noah are as close as twins can be. They’re also as far apart as people can be. Because Noah tells us the early story, aged 13, while Jude tells the what happened after, aged 16. After what? Well, I can’t tell you that cause, you know, spoilers. The story is told in alternate […]

I am an artist

The narrator of this picture book is a young boy. He tells us he is an artist. Unfortunately his mother doesn’t always understand, where he sees a lonely carrot she sees an unfinished dinner, for example. I may have gotten that line a little wrong, but you get the idea. Of course if you had […]

dreams like gunmetal, stripped, elegant and bloody

Every Tues and Thurs I pay a visit to the Digger webcomic, but I also often visit Ursula Vernon’s livejournal where she’ll often post a link to some of her other work. And today there is a great addition. “Little Creature” The pride of a small, fierce thing is adamantine, however. The smallest shrew carries […]