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15 November 2016

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IMDb’s blurb : A former neurosurgeon embarks on a journey of healing only to be drawn into the world of the mystic arts.

So, Doctor Strange then… where to begin talking about this film?

How about the fact that it is a really really pretty movie. Visually it looks great. And it isn’t terrible, I was actually quite entertained by parts of it. Once I got past the start. Because Stephen Strange is a dick.

Of course I am always predisposed to dislike a character who drives a car far too fast in a city1 showing off how cool and edgy they are by weaving in and out of traffic. I’m sorry, no, not cool. You’re just a dick. And Strange’s dickness was not helped by his attitude in the lead up to the “driving” scene. So I was quite happy to see him crash.

But then he was still a dick, only one who believed he was entitled to act like a dick in an increasing way because of his car accident and resulting injuries. Sorry, nope. Felt no empathy for him whatsoever.

But one the film moved into its training montages and weird tai-chi magics then I quite enjoyed it. I laughed. And I appreciated the prettiness. But it really didn’t feel like a marvel film to me.

Also, Show Spoiler ▼

I think this is one of the few Marvel superhero films that I won’t be interested in rewatching. It was serviceable. That’s about all.

  1. you know, when it is a Fast and Furious style film 

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