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  1. Thanks for your note and sharing your essay! This theme of rewards and justice is a good one because it is the kind of thing that will come up over and over again in all the stories we read for class, I suspect – it is one of those universal questions, since of course our actions DO have consequences in the real world… but the fantasy world lets us explore consequences for those actions, good or bad, that we would be crazy to expect in real life… but which might have some message to tell us if we stop to think about it. I am reading Dracula right now and just got to the part where Lucy has died (although I guess she is not quite dead really, since Van Helsing is very worried about that coffin and her corpse!)… and reading your essay got me to stop and ask myself, hmmmm, just what did Lucy do to deserve such a dreadful fate? That will be a good question to keep thinking about as I see what now happens to her corpse! (eeek!)
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    1. It is interesting to read each story thinking about the points raised in previous stories.

      I'm quite enjoying Dracula, more than Alice which didn't really *do* anything for me.
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  2. Hello Fency! You may not know it, but I'm here almost every day checking your blog… it's just I've been so lax when it comes to commenting. Anyway, that was a good essay! I haven't read this particular book, but this thought occurs to me: It seems that most fairy tales–or stories of any kind, really–reward the righteous and punish the wicked. I think one reason we humans do this with our stories is because the world seems so unjust. In real life, the wicked don't always get punished, the righteous don't always win. Sometimes the exact opposite happens. It's a way of trying to rein in what can't be controlled, and correct what we think is wrong. I'm getting a heavy dose of this right now, rewatching Supernatural! :) I hope all is well with you! xo
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    1. Yeah, we like the idea of the good being rewarded and the bad being punished even if we know that it often doesn't happen in real life.

      **waves** hi Kelly!!!

      Latest season of Supernatural has just started here, I'm recording them so will have a big ole session at some point.
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  3. We're currently on season 3! It's been so long since we've seen them that they feel relatively new, and we can still laugh and cry with the Boys, and even get surprised occasionally. We haven't seen season 7, and it won't be released to DVD here until September. That should hopefully give us time to get through the previous seasons… It's SO much fun to watch them again.
    Kelly´s last blog post ..This one IS a love song

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