The Island of Doctor Moreau by


  1. I've really got to read this sometime. It seems everywhere I look, I run into references to this classic. I know what they are referencing, but I don't get the totality of the joke, because i haven't read the original material.

    and you gotta love when a classic has entered public domain and you can download it!
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    1. Yes, free classics are awesome. Although the flip side is all the trash that is also out there. And the wading through of it :)

      The only problem with reading something that is so prominent in culture is that you feel like you know what is going to happen, or that you have already read it, when you haven't.
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  2. You should have. You really should have ;)

    I think this was my favourite of the Wells' I read for the scifi course. I really liked The County of the Blind as well, but that was more of a short story.
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  3. I really should read this – I'd decided to pick up Jekyll and Hyde for Carl's RIP but if I get time I would also like to fit this in. Strangely enough I'm fairly certain I saw a film based on this story but I genuinely can't remember anything about the story!

    Thanks for the review.

    Lynn :D
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