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21 January 2011

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Britt Reid is a spoiled little rich boy. One day, after his father dies he wakes to find that his coffee has been badly made. In a fit of rage he demands to know why! Why isn’t his coffee its usual high standard. The maid, or house-keeper or whomever that he encounters tells him that he fired all his father’s employee and one of them was the man who made the coffee. So Britt goes looking for him, and rehires Kato as his coffee & mechanic, and soon the two become best of buds and decide that they should have a great old time by being super-heroes. Only instead of doing good deeds they do bad ones, just so people don’t think they are heroes and hold the city to ransom, you understand. Not because they want to do bad things.

Green HornetOh god this was an utterly crap film. I think I hate and despise Seth Rogen, especially when he is playing these sort of characters, you know, the ones he always plays where he is theselfish dick who thinks only of himself while still thinking that he is a Nice Guy.

He is an ass. Pure and simple. And yet we get a film with him as the hero!

But, if you took the Seth Rogen character out of the film it wouldn’t be so bad. Jay Chou is great as Kato, he more than deserves his own film, you know, one where he doesn’t just get to be the “white man’s teacher” but actually grows and develops as a character himself.

And I loved and adored the bad-guy, Chudnofsky was hilarious.

A lot of the action scenes are really well done, looks great and it is entertaining, but the fact remains that Britt Reid is a dick and I wanted him to lose because he was so annoying, irritating, and you just plain want to smack him in the face, and not in a good way!

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2 Responses

  1. Kelly says:

    Seth Rogen makes NO sense to play a superhero of any kind, unless it’s a smarmy anti-hero type… which I still wouldn’t want to see because I just don’t like the dude either.
    Kelly´s last blog post ..Whip dang girl- that’s a doozy