Catfight dir. by

4 June 2017

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From the title of this film you’re probably going to expect some bitchiness and maybe hairpulling. Well you get that, plus a whole heap of brutal brutal fighting.

Veronica and Ashley were friends at college, they haven’t seen each other in years when they bump into one another at a party. Their meeting does not go well. It goes really really badly. And soon they are pummeling each other in the stairwell. And the fight is pretty intense and brutal.

I don’t really know if I can explain why this film works so well, because to describe it to say, well there are these two women who encounter each other three times after various upheavals and events and each time end up getting into a fist-fight, and neither is particularly likeable. Which, I’ll be honest, doesn’t sound like a great film.

But it is really worth a watch.

It is bitchy and hilarious and violent and tender. And okay, it doesn’t work all the time, but I certainly enjoyed it.

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2 Responses

  1. lynn says:

    What an unusual sounding film – I’m totally intrigued now of course so I’ll have to watch this at some point.
    Lynn :D