Vanity Fair [based on book] by dir. by

19 July 2005

Script: , ,
Cast: , , , ,
Rated :

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. This is not a good film. To be honest it isn’t even worth discussing, apart from two aspects. There is wonderful look of the costumes, but it isn’t enough to keep you watching for the three thousand hours this film lasts. Okay, so it is really only 141 minutes, but by the end you really will be wondering why you bothered.

The other thing, well, that’d be James Purefoy. Yummy. Not only does he look very well, but the character is a lovely fella who deserved a lot better than he got. And he does smoulder very well.

Actually, there is a third. Gabriel Byrne has a wonderful outburst in the middle of the film. Telling hs wife and his two daughters-in-law that Becky will be welcomed in his house he launches into a fantastically mean and hostile rant against all the women in his life. But that only lasts two or three minutes, and the rest of the film is just uninteresting.


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