Monthly Archives: March 2010

Moving Pictures

The blind side

I was a bit uncertain about this film. It sounded just a bit too heart-warming, as though it'd be full of overly sentimental "and everyth [...]

Once Upon a Time

Ever since Carl announced that it was time for this year’s Once Upon a Time reading challenge I’ve been trying to decide what to [...]

The game

Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes have returned home to Sussex in order to enjoy the new year, but soon enough they travel to London to visit [...]

Marley & me

I've had this book on my shelves for years now. It was on sale for half-price when I bought it; that's the only reason I own it in hardback. [...]

A good dog

We've been on a bit of an "animal-human relationship" kick at work lately. I chose this one at random one afternoon. It is the second book t [...]

2010 #10

Good lord, week ten already. And I've missed some... this year is flying by [...]

that is just so typically me

I've just used Internet Explorer to check something out, and in the course of doing that wandered by here. Ooops, I never realised that the [...]

Justice Hall

I do love these books.

This the sixth in the series returns our heroes to their present after the flashback that was O Jeru [...]


This is one I picked up because I'd seen positive mentions on a few blogs, I think