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18 March 2010

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Rewatched : 18th March 2018

So yeah, Tony is still a dick and Pepper has turned into an utter whiney damsel in distress.

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Iron Man 2 dir. Jon Favreau

Iron Man 2 dir. Jon Favreau

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I really enjoyed Iron Man[1] and I love Mr. Downey Jr. and I think Jon Favreau is so very adorable. All positives, so I’m guessing you can all feel the but coming. I’m going to keep you waiting, for a little while at least, because Iron Man 2 is a really fun film. And the effects are great. I enjoyed all the roles, Downey is great as Stark, he pulls off the role of ass-hole multi-millionaire while at the same time he is an engaging character. And all the supporting cast, while they aren’t asked to do a huge amount, do their jobs well.

The story itself is a solid one. And is told with a sense of fun and all it tries to do is to entertain. And that it does.

But it isn’t anything special. It is a solid film. And usually I think I’d’ve rated it the same as the first film, 7 Stars or so, but I had a quibble. And that quibble is the character of Pepper Potts. Was it just me or did they ditzy her up some? Almost every scene she was in featured her screaming, panicking, or being unable to do her job. I’m not blaming Paltrow, herself and Downey have wonderful on-screen chemistry, they make a great couple, I’m blaming the writer and the story. And I don’t understand why they did it. Potts was a more than competent character in the first film, and yes, she was rescued on occasion by our hero, but I don’t recall that amount of just plain messing about from the first film. Why couldn’t they have left well enough alone?

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