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23 March 2010

Ooops, my bad

Ooops, my bad

I’ve just used Internet Explorer to check something out, and in the course of doing that wandered by here. Ooops, I never realised that the page titles were so gi-NOR-mous that they took up half the page.

Talk about crappy design!

That’ll teach me not to double, and then triple check everything when I mess about with the template. Hopefully the problem should now be resolved and you IE peeps get to see the images that everyone else[1] already got to appreciate and love[2] Positive comments on my photography are always welcome ;)


  1. at least I hope you all see images in the headers?
  2. yes I am telling you that you love them, no other options allowed

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1 Response

  1. anne says:

    I love this–naaah! Just messing with you.