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8 February 2010



So weekend one of this year’s Six Nations is over and done with, verdicts all in? For the most part I think that the winning teams don’t have too much to write home about. We didn’t put in a huge performance, but we won, so it’ll do. And to be fair, we never seem to pile on the points against Italy. So all those “doom and gloom” commentators can hang on til next weekend. Then they turn those frowns upside down as we beat France.

You know it.

France did a similar job as us. Put in some early effort, and then eased off. One thing we’ll have to e careful of is their scrum. Did a number on Scotland there, and ours isn’t known as the best. But it usually manages to get the job done.

Oh, and England, you do realise that you were quite lucky to beat Wales. I mean, you did score most of your points when they were a man down. That’s still not as easy as it sounds, but some of the celebrations were a tad, an incy bit, ott, don’t you think. And no matter who you play, as long as Martin Johnson has anything to do with your team I shall be hoping you get mushed into nothingness.

Nothing personal, its just Martin Johnson has always annoyed me.

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  1. anne says:

    We'll see. We'll just see.