there must be some taurus

2 October 2008

Tis fair cold out today boys[1] Fair cold. Could even have done with a hat, gloves, and a scarf. Guess it really is October now. And autumn[2] or fall. Whatever, I’m all about embracing[3] the multitude of cultures. So happy Eid-ul-Fitr. And yes, that was yesterday[4] but still. Effort here. And of course happy Rosh Hashanah and welcome to the year 5769[5]

And any and all other religious/important dates, celebrations, holidays and general good days.

Fringe started on de telly last. I watched it, you know, cause of the whole “by the people who brought you Lost” hype. Course that really should have been a warning to avoid[6] shouldn’t it? Anyways, the pilot was okay. Not fantastic, but not terrible, and it has Denethor so I think I’ll watch a few more before I decide one way or the other. It also has Pacey though, so I must dock points for that. But it gets a whole heap of points on account of having Lt. Daniels. He de man!

I know you shouldn’t make total judgements from a pilot, a lot will change, they have the whole set-up and introduction of the characters to get through. But for something supposed to be all about the omg whats happening, it actually seemed a little predictable in its plot.

And have you noticed the way that all the cool shows now seem to have women[7] in the lead roles. As though the makers are saying, you know what, if we have a pretty face[8] up front then the fellas[9] will tune in to watch that. And the women will follow their lead[10] but also be able to identify[11] Which okay, is better than no women on the telly. But a lot of them seem to be used more because other shows are doing it rather than actually creating proper characters. Cause Olivia seems a bit of a tool so far[12] Now maybe it’ll pay off later on, but Show Spoiler ▼

And did you notice that all the other characters with actual roles were men. See, the little woman[13] cannae do anything without help and guidance from the menfolks.

But then again, it has a cow. So we must watch more.


  1. meant in a non-gender specific way
  2. in Ireland we’ve already had a whole two months of Autumn, It starts here in August. Just so you know.
  3. can you embrace from a distance? Cause Im not so much with the touchy feelyness
  4. Im pretty sure it was yesterday.
  5. – yeah, blame google if I got this one wrong
  6. slightly harsh, cause I mean, I watch Lost, so I must get something out of it. Its just fun to moan about though
  7. fashion fems I shall dub thee
  8. or, you know, tits or summat
  9. yes Im calling all males shallow. This is not true, but makes for easier blog writing
  10. as is only right and proper. To obey the mens
  11. and comment on clothes, make-up and hair
  12. harsh again? yes.
  13. this too is overly harsh. But Im still throwing this idea out there

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2 Responses

  1. jean pierre says:

    i fancied seeing this too – for the same reasons, but i couldn't get it okayed by the tv police, so i didn't end up seeing it after all.

    its a bit sad that it was dissapointing, however. although, as you say, it could get better. but, as you pointed out lt. daniels, if they can make shows like "the wire" why can't they get it right more often?

    i must say, your observation about female leads hadn't actually occurred to me before, but i think you're spot on! and its especially insulting when they still manage to play out the usual gender conventions of men having to help women out all the time…!

  2. Fence says:

    Episode 2 was on last night. And I'm still feeling a bit meh'd by it. Think i'll keep watching though, there isn't really anything else on on a Wed., but I won't be making a special effort to catch it.