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20 June 2007

I pity the fool who didn’t turn on Sky Two last night, cause that classic movie was on, Rocky III and really, who doesn’t love Rocky.

Okay, so I actually only watched the last 30 minutes of it. And I was also internetting at the same time, so maybe watching isn’t really the most accurate description. Nevertheless it was on the telly, and I was in the room at the time. Therefore, I watched it.

It isn’t a good film. Not like the first Rocky, or the last one, but you know, there is still something that is just appealing about these films. I’m not sure what.The plucky underdog story maybe? But is that really accurate when Rocky is the world champion? Whatever it is, it makes watching these films enjoyable.

And speaking of Stallone, Rambo: first blood was also on the telly recently. I’d seen it years ago but decided, sure it wouldn’t hurt to take a look. I could always switch over. It wasn’t as good as Rocky, but still, it was watchable. Even with the madness inherent in the plotline.

J.L. was talking about films and how the average person just wants a good story that entertains. And while I agree with most of his post about politics being just another part of life, I think I’d have to disagree with that statement. Sure a good story goes a long way to making a good film. But the average cinema goer is just as capable of appreciating the cinematography or the good acting. And you know, without those other aspects working well I don’t ever think that even a very good story could make a great film.

I’m sorta reminded of one of the morals of Dogville, that not expecting the best from the general population is merely a superiority complex. I don’t mean that everyone has to be a genius, or has to like and enjoy the same things, but just that the whole line of assuming that people just want a “simple” good story means that film makers, or producers more likely, are going to try and cater to the widest audience they can. Which of course leads to the “lowest common denominator” approach to film making. Which I think is a bad thing. Not only does it result in bad films, but it also encourages the viewer to expect bad films. I’m not saying that there isn’t a place for the silly light-hearted fluff pieces that are made. There is, and I’m a fan of some of them, like Bring it on and Demolition Man, but that doesn’t have to be the only sort of film, it shouldn’t be the only sort of film out there. Presuming that a film should only be entertainment is presuming that the average individual can’t appreciate other aspects of a film.

Of course that title is a line from Rocky III

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5 Responses

  1. Harlequin says:

    I agree. There are plenty of non-film-buff people who appreciate more than just a hot actor or an interesting story. If good films are made available, people go to see them. Look at all the milliúntí people who went to see Crouching Tiger or on a smaller scale, The Wind that Shakes the Barley. If a good film is on in a mainstream cinema, it will get some press coverage and word-of-mouth and people will see it, regardless of whether it's at the high end of artistic film-making or pushes the envelope massively or not.

    If I'm choosing a film, I go by storyline/vague genre, director, writer and cast, in no particular order. The fact that I'm a mad film fan means that I'll know what's coming up and I've a reasonable chance of knowing what other stuff the director or writer has done but apart from that I'm pretty sure I choose films the same way as most people do.

  2. weenie says:

    I like both First Blood and Rocky (to a certain extent Rocky II) – all made before Stallone got all Hollywood-like. Not perfect but good underdog stories. All the other sequels just got a bit silly I thought.

    There have been plenty of films which, given the starry cast and maybe the book/comic the films wer based on, should have all the trappings of blockbusters, but which fall a bit flat because there is either no story or the story is just far too complicated.

  3. Sally says:

    Adrian! Adrian!!

  4. Fence says:

    Press coverage and word-of-mouth is what it is all about H.

    Just a bit silly weenie? I'm sure you mean totally silly. Apart, of course from the latest Rocky, which although the premise was silly, was still a good film.

    I hate to break it to you Sally, but just like Snowball & Snowball II she died. She died.

  5. Sally says:

    No, you're tearing me apart…wait, wrong movie.