Black and white

1 May 2007

You all know that I don’t agree with people who see things in black and white. I’m more of a “but what about that shade of grey” over there. And of course I like taking the opposite side, for no good reason. But in the case of Miss D I’m going to say that this is a black and white issue, and that this teenager should be allowed to travel for her abortion. There is no possible way that anyone can persuade me otherwise.

The girl is in the care of the HSE and is challenging its decision to contact gardaí and not to let her travel for the abortion unless she presented as a suicide risk…
She found out a week ago that her baby has a condition called anencephaly, which means the baby’s brain is not developing properly.

The condition means the child will live a very short time, if at all, after it is born.

I’m not pro-abortion. But I’m not anti it either. In general I think it is a hugely grey issue. Which was one of the reasons I started to dislike Michael Moore’s book. He continually seemed to suggest that being anti-abortion was “teh evil” and that annoys my shite. No explanation or development of what he considered abortion to mean. I mean to some people the morning after pill is abortion, to others late term partial birth type things are abortion. It is as far from a black and white issue as it is possible to get.

Cases like this one however are not so complicated. Not if you use sense. Of course, we won’t be using sense to deal with it. We’ll be using the law. Which rarely makes sense.

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  • And it strikes me that this really does show how the private and the public/politic are not separate.

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    1 Response

    1. weenie says:

      If they were to stop her, then in her state of mind, what is to stop her from inflicting harm on herself to terminate the pregnancy?

      Common sense is required here as with other 'grey' areas.