Magic Study

This is the sequel to Poison Study and is the second in the Study trilogy. After the events in the first book Yelana, at the start of this, is on her way to meet her family for the first time in fourteen years. Leaving Ixia she heads for Sitia, where she can learn how to control her magical abilities. But of course things don’t go smoothly, if they did I guess there wouldn’t be much of a story, now would there.

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The Dragon Waiting

ISBN: 9780575073784 The road the Romans made traversed North Wales a little way inland, between the weather off the Irish Sea and the mountains of Gwynedd and Powys; past the copper and the lead that the travel-hungry Empire craved. Where to start with this book’s plot summary? Cause there is a whole load going on. […]

There’s white things in the air

What’s this, what’s this? A post from me that’s more than a review? What’s this, what’s this? More than just an excuse? Honestly, I don’t know what it is, but you can blame JP for it. Him and his complimentary comment. I guess flattery really will get you every where[1] Part of the reason I […]

The Remains of the Day

The remains of the day - Kazuo Ishiguro
ISBN: 0571154913

It seems increasingly likely that I really will undertake the expedition that has been occupying my imagination now for some days.

The Remains of the Day is about Stevens, a butler in a “grand old English house”. He spent his life trying to be a “great” butler in the service of Lord Darlington. With the death of Darlington he remains in Darlington Hall working for the new owner a rich American, Mr Farraday. It is at Mr. Farraday’s suggestion that Stevens, our narrator, first begins thinking about taking a short trip out into the English countryside, and to see Miss Kenton. Now Mrs. Benn she recently sent him a letter, hinting, Stevens thinks, at her unhappy marriage and her wish to return to service in Darlington Hall. On his journey Stevens reflects over his life and the changes he has seen.

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Making Money

A Discworld novel.
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We first met Moist Von Lipwig back in Going Postal, now, with the Post Office running successfully Ankh-Morpork’s beloved tyrant Vetinari has another role in mind for our con-man gone straight. What would suit him better than taking over one of the city’s ailing banks. Afterall a city needs money and investment in order to grow and prosper.

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Summer in Dublin

Is full of fun. Or so the advertising tells me, and that must be true :) Still I did have fun this weekend. Friday I headed up to see Leonard Cohen play. It was great. Plus Mick Galwey was there. Mick Galwey peoples! Sat didn’t get off to such a good start however. Headed to […]

Gone Baby Gone

This film’s release here and in Britain was delayed for a considerable time due to the supposed similarities between the plot and the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. I can see what it happened, but in reality there aren’t that many similarities. The film is about Patrick Kenzie and his “associate” Angie Gennaro who have been hired to track down a missing child, Amanda McCready. Almost at once they find out that the media story isn’t quite the truth.

The Affirmation

Peter Sinclair is 29, and, following his girlfriend’s attempted suicide he runs away from London, to the countryside. There he is supposed to be redecorating and doing up a family friend’s cottage in return for being allowed to stay there. But he gets distracted and begins to write his autobiography. In the course of writing […]

Oh my gawd!

Do you know that I have watched no real telly so far this week. Okay, so I spent the long weekend watching nothing but House season one. But that was on dvd, so it doesn’t count. Apart from that I’ve watched the finale of this season’s Lost and the season finale of Bones and thats […]

Heart-shaped box

ISBN: 9780575081864
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Jude had a private collection.
He had framed sketches of the seven dwarves on the wall of his studio, in between his platinum records.

Judas Coyne has just bought a ghost. Or at least, he has paid for a suit, on the understanding that with the suit will come a ghost. Just one more thing to add to his collection. The collection of a retired death-metal rock star. Only it turns out that it wasn’t just an accident that led to Jude visiting that e-bay wannabe website. Some one really wanted Jude to buy that suit. And once bought there are no returns and no refunds.

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