There’s white things in the air


  1. haha!

    well, in relation to your first footnote consider me pitied. and happy too :)

    i can understand the sharing thoughts with people in real life thing.

    and those cycle and scooter people are fools. we have many similar types here. oxford is full of these clever alternative transport (read: Superior) types.

  2. Thanks Carl. And yup this whole being inconsiderate thing is a worldwide plague.

    Its the end of the world FoxyLady (yes I have renamed you)? ? I should write a post to sum up my life. No doubt the internet will remain for ever and so my words will linger on… annoying like a chirpy bird in the morning when all you want to do is sleep :)
    Twitter: ecnef

  3. JP alternative! Are they pretending to be all environmentally friendly? Just walk peoples. Or get a bus. If god had wanted us to use scooters he woulda made our feet into wheels. Or given us brains to invent… damn, wrong side of the argument
    Twitter: ecnef

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