There’s white things in the air

What’s this, what’s this? A post from me that’s more than a review?
What’s this, what’s this? More than just an excuse?

Honestly, I don’t know what it is, but you can blame JP for it. Him and his complimentary comment. I guess flattery really will get you every where[1] Part of the reason I haven’t been blogging as much recently is that I’ve been going out more often. Consorting with people in real life and getting all my insane inanities out that way. Sharing the pointless with real life people as opposed to you good online souls.

But it is also because I just don’t seem to be as chirpy as I used to. Not that I’m unhappy or moany or anything like that. It’s just I’m not as chirpy[2]

Maybe it is just that I’m getting tired of other people and their stupidities. They really do make me wonder[3] Nothing major, don’t get me wrong, just the little things that make me raise my eyebrow in a quizzical manner[4] Like, at the World Street Performance Championships[5] there a while back we were all gathered around, sitting on the grass, eating ice-creams, bumping into strangers, crowded in to watch the wierdo[6] as he swallowed swords. But next to me is a woman, fair enough, nothing wrong so far, but she has a bike. And instead of realising that having this great hunk of metal in the middle of a crowd of people is a little silly she decides that it’d be a good idea to keep it next to her. It was a foldy up one, so things coulda been worse. But at the same time, come on! Made it very difficult to sit comfortably with a bloody pedal pressing into your ankle.

Is it just me or is that rude?

And another thing, scooters. Not the motorbike type, the other version, you know, skateboards with handlebars. You know them right? Anyways hands up who among you think that it is a good idea to hurtle along through morning rush-hour pedestrians? yeah, didn’t think so.

I’m sure you all got the title’s reference? Right, Nightmare before Christmas peoples.


  1. or every thing. Although if a post from me is all you are looking for you really must have a sad life. And I pity you.
  2. – If no explanation is forthcoming simply use the wonder tool of repetition.
  3. oooh it makes you wonder. Everyone sing along now
  4. Well, that would happen if I could do that raise one eyebrow thing. Alas, I am flawed and cannot. Pity me.
  5. flickr link
  6. I mean that in the best possible way

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