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24 June 2008

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A Discworld novel.
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We first met Moist Von Lipwig back in Going Postal, now, with the Post Office running successfully Ankh-Morpork’s beloved tyrant Vetinari has another role in mind for our con-man gone straight. What would suit him better than taking over one of the city’s ailing banks. Afterall a city needs money and investment in order to grow and prosper.

I’m a big fan of Pratchett’s Discworld novels, and I loved Going Postal, but this one, I’m afraid, just isn’t one of his best. Not once did I laugh, or even chuckle, at the goings on. The odd smile, okay, and overall it is entertaining, it simply isn’t as good as some of his others.

Moist, despite a name that seems designed to make you shudder, is an enjoyable character. And of course Vetinari is his usual efficient argument in favour of the benevolent dictator. Honestly I’d much rather him to the likes of Bertie Ahern and Brian Cowen. But the bad guys don’t have much threat. There isn’t much real sense of danger. And while the golems are cool there just isn’t enough of anything to make this one of the great Discworld books.

Although Mr. Bent is a great addition to the ‘verse.

More a book for people who are already fans rather than one that’ll prompt a newbie to take an interest.

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