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16 August 2006

What is it about accents that makes them so difficult to fake[1]

As I was walking home yesterday I noticed that the kino had a huge amount of posters up for the same film. All the spaces where the current releases are usually displayed were filled by copies of a poster for The Front Line[2] They must be having its premier there, as it is an Irish film.

I know this because the trailer for it has been showing before almost every film I’ve been to recently. It seems to be about a refugee from Sudan whose family becomes hostages to Dublin criminals, and violence erupts[3] But, the thing that kept bothering me was when did they shoot it? I’m pretty sure I saw a flash of Capel St., not to mention Grafton St., yet have no memory of ever seeing, or even hearing about filming going on. Obviously I’m not in the know.

There was one other problem I had with the trailer[4] The main Dublin badguy. And his accent[5] Now he only has a few lines in the trailer, and I haven’t being paying too much attention. And there is nothing specific that I can put my finger on that is wrong with his accent.

But it just doesn’t sound right. And everytime I’ve seen the trailer I’ve told myself, that when I get home I’ll go online and find out who is he.

I’ve finally done it. And am, of course, proven correct. Free Image Hosting at Everybody I’d like you to meet Mr. James Frain. And, from the little I heard, he has quite a good grasp of a Dublin accent, but it just aint right. And that’d be on account of him being from Leeds, in England. It’s like he knows how it sounds, but just can’t do it properly. He is so very close that you’d almost think it was authentic.

I’m going to have to go see the film now just to see if I’ve been unfair in saying that he dont speak proper like.

I’m also wondering whether it is worth my time investing in a little warning image like the one used over on TCAL for whenever the comments turn a little controversial ;)


  1. – Not for me though, no matter the accent I can do it. Even if I’ve never heard it before. My version is always correct
  2. Official Site
  3. this happens a lot in films, as I’m sure you’ve noticed
  4. and I’m sure the observant and quick-witted may be able to figure out this problem
  5. Dublinese

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7 Responses

  1. NineMoons says:

    You mean whenever Mal's Mad Urge to Spill His Kerrazeeeness overtakes him and all decent, right-thinking people have to argue with him? :-D

    I think I stopped him blogging y'know. There hasn't been a peep on samizdisandat since I said I was stopping reading or commenting. Now I have the guilt. Or, you know, not, since I don't have time for guilt. Or posting this comment. Or sleeping. Aieeeeeeeee!

  2. Fence says:

    You blog-murderer you. (Keeping with the post re gender id I'm not going for murderess)

  3. NineMoons says:

    Well, maybe I will balance it out by saying I made him start the blog in the first place.

    So it's more like I've killed my surrogate child…

    Yes, that's so much better.

  4. Talena says:

    I suck at accents. I spent 5 months in India, and when I came home my dad says "how come you have an accent?" "Accent? I have an accent?" I exclaimed. If I did, it was a modified pattern of speech brought on by frustration of not being understood with my Canadianese by the villagers and their heavily-accented English. Anyhoo, if I try to do an Indian accent now, I can't even think of how it goes. Sad, eh? (I can do a British accent of sorts, and that's about as close as it gets. Don't ask me what part of Britain, because I won't have a clue. And neither would you, if you heard it!)

  5. Fence says:

    Still a murderer NM.

    Talena, make up a country and then you'd have a genuine accent. Cause only you'd know what it was really like.

  6. sally says:

    The day is dedicated to bad Irish accents…at my school there were lots and lots of Irish exchange students and it seemed everyone they came into contact with ended up talking with a bad Irish accent. It was kind of amusing how it always happened!!

  7. Fence says:

    We're infectious!