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30 April 2006

EDITED cause I am a total div who put down that a goal is worth two points, when in fact it is three. Which i totally know. I mean, duh! Of course it’s worth three points. What else would it be worth?

Bank holiday tomorrow, but I’ll be working. Exam time means those students need the library open. They’d better come in. Was quite empty on Friday, maybe due to the good weather, but I was still surprised there weren’t more around studying.

Long term readers will know I’ve an interest in show-jumping, and this week saw the FEI World Cup[1] competition. And Ireland’s Jessica Kuerten [2] was tipped by many to win, but that was before she decided to leave her top horse at home due to the Quibell’s dislike of airplanes. The competition in Kuala Lumpar ended today with Jessica taking second place behind Germany’s Marcus Ehning.

Today also saw the National Hurling League final between Limerick and Kilkenny. It’s only the league, so not really the big competition, but I tuned in anyways. Cheering for Limerick, of course, as thats where de mudder is from. But as all the teams presumably want to peak for the Championship is wasn’t the greatest of matches. Still, Henry Shefflin more than deserved his Man of the Match award, and Kilkenny deserved their win[3] Then again they didn’t really score much more than Limerick, it just so happened that they scored three goals[4] whereas all Limerick’s were points. Its the first hurling match I’ve watched in a while, but that Lucozade ad with Ronan O’Gara is totally correct, them hurling boys have some skill.


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  4. a goal is worth 3 points see

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2 Responses

  1. Meg says:

    I want to see that Lucozade advert with Ronan O'Gara in it (that man is so beautiful. It's not fair), but can't as they don't show it here in England. Any ideas where I can source a copy?

  2. Fence says:

    They don't show it much here anymore, concentrating on the GAA ones at the moment. You might try the Lucozade website, though I've no idea whether or not they store their ads.

    ROG is in another ad at the mo'. Can't remember what it is for, but it makes me cringe every time I see it. Features him getting hit with a load of balls, golf, football, rugby. And finally the threat of javelins.