Black 47

In 1847 Martin Feeney returns home to Ireland to find his mother and brother dead, his nieces and nephew about to be evicted, and death and starvation everywhere. And then the bailiffs shoot his nephew and his sister-in-law and her daughter freeze to death after their eviction. The only option open to Feeney is bloody […]

I’ll come in again

Yes change[1] but I have been keeping my eye out for a three column and came across this one from here, I have, of course, changed the image header, and added a few things, like tags and whatnot, but apart from that it is standard-issue, so hopefully there won’t be any hassles. If there are, […]


Thirteen Irish Phrases on account of it being Seachtain na Gaeilge ___ is ainm dom – kinda important to get that across. Unless you want to do the old beating your chest Tarzan style. Whichever, it is all good. All the time. an bhfuil cead agam dul go dtí an leithreas – one of the […]

No referral fun

Tá fhí­os agat that looking at your stats and referral logs is fun fun fun. All those wacky phrases and meaningless search strings. Bhuel, féach, tá siad lacking in the fun department today.. A search for Carlo Gebler the bull raid – fits, because I reviewed the book. Unimpressed with it, so I was. A […]

Eire has lost its fada

Yeah yeah, tá fhí­os agam gur dúirt mé[1] that I wouldn’t be talking about christmas again for a while, ach then I spotted this great pic over at the Drawn blog and couldn’t resist. It is from Fleet Street Scandal if you wanna go take a look.

I’m a little tired this morning, went out for one drink last night and, as is so usual in these cases, had slightly more than one. Wasn’t terribly late, got home round half one I think, but then was chatting, as you do, to a couple of girls and so did not go to bed at my usual sensible time of somewhere around half 11.

Still, I made it into work and can take any grumpiness[2] out on talking students, so it’s all good.

What isn’t so good is that this week is [fx: big-booming-trailer-type-voice] Budget Week. And while this is obviously important and will impact on my life can I just say now that I don’t care. And I won’t be reading the pages and pages and pages of newspapers devoted to this part of Fianna Fáil’s election campaign. Instead I think I’ll go do the lotto. After all it is tax free, isn’t it?

[cue another random point] Did anyone else catch any of this year’s Toy Show? And if so, is it just me, or is Pat getting even worse at the job? They should fly someone like Jonathan Ross in to do it, he likes toys and gadgets, and while some of his big-breast comments[3] wouldn’t be appropriate for the wains watching, but who cares. He’d be great at showing off pooing dolls and talking robots and whatnot. Pat Kenny on the other hand, not so much with the charisma or enthusiasm or ability to be a human.

And yes, I did catch Dylan Moran[4] on Jonathan’s show over the weekend H. I was actually watching[5] it when your text arrived. And the phone was in d’other seomra and I didn’t get it til I went to bed, and then wasn’t arsed replying cause I figured it was too late. But that is all beside the point. Tá an agallamh available on You tube and cause I like to make things easy[6] for the people who come here it is embedded under the cut.

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  1. I’m not so sure how accurate this Irish is, but then again I don’t really care
  2. not that I’m ever grumpy, of course, but you know, nice to have an outlet if I was
  3. we all know he would make at least 5
  4. or More-Ann as Jonathan says his surname
  5. oh how quickly I abandoned the toy show
  6. or sometimes hard, depends

Like an immense flock of chattering birds observing precise migratory habits, every Wednesday, just a few minutes before noon, they swoop down upon the midtown area

EDITED: to add pronunciation help, cause anne wanted it, though I’m really bad at this sort of thing, and could never make sense of that proper phonetic alphabet thingy, so didn’t really try. You know, it is pretty hard to do, because I’m used to how Irish should be pronounced. Well, some of it. Also, […]

Oops I did it again

Nuair a scrí­obh mé the post about Seachtain na gaeilge, I used the abbr tag so the non-irish could translate,ach rinne mé dearmad that Internet Explorer doesn’t display that tag correctly. So you all didn’t get a translation. Anyways, I’ve since edited that post, and am using the span tag instead, so nuair a feicidh tú a couple of words in glas, then place your mouse over them and you should get a translation. If it doesn’t work, let me know, and I’ll use the footnotes instead.

Right, new business. Remember the blog awards? Well, by all accounts[1] they were a great success, the list of winners can be seen here, and no, I’m not there[2] All the reports indicate that a good night was had by all, so if they are on again next year I’ll probably head along. Congrats to all the winners/nominees/participants and especially to the organizer, Damien Mulley

Now the most important aspect of the weekend was, of course, the rugby. Agus, bhuaidaidh na fhrancach against England. This is good, in that it is hard not to feel sásta when England lose, especially when they are utterly destroyed. Ach bhí dóchas orm that it’d be a draw, because then Ireland would’ve been top of the table. As it stands now France and Ireland are equal on points, but because France have scored more in their matches they are on top. So unless we beat England by a huge amount of points we really need Wales to win next Saturday.

And, finally, before I forget, it is week 162 and Luna Nina says:

  1. Displacement::
  2. Grease monkey::
  3. Vacancy::
  4. Conquer::
  5. Payroll::
  6. Personal::
  7. Housewife::
  8. Lateral::
  9. Tissue::
  10. Multiplication::

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  1. pictures
  2. We was robbed!

You cannot make a man by standing a sheep on its hind legs. But by standing a flock of sheep in that position you can make a crowd of men.

NM called round yesterday. We were supposed to be kino-ing, either to see Jarhead or Breakfast on Pluto only when we got to the cinema there were huge queues, the place was dubh le daoine. So we waitied in the queue watching one showing after another turning yellow[1] by the time we got near the […]