By The Sword by

1 February 2007

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gladiators, musketeers, samurai warriors, swashbucklers, and Olympians
ISBN: 0330482297

Thirty years ago I fought the only duel of my life. It wouldn’t have satisfied the dictionary definition, which requires that deadly weapons be used – competition sabers are hardly that – but it was certainly a “prearranged formal combat between two persons, fought to settle a point of honor.”

This book took me quite a while to finish, but I wouldn’t hold that against it, as it often takes me a while to finish a non-fiction book. Obviously enough the storyline isn’t quite a gripping as many novels, but it was still an entertaining read.

It is a history of fencing and sword-fighting in general. Covering from Roman times right up the present Olympic games. If you find the subject matter interesting, then I’m sure you’ll like this book. The style is quite conversational, but it also provides plenty of information and details. There is also a bibliography and index for further reading if you so desire.

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