White Noise 2: The Light dir. by

12 January 2007

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Okay, so I wouldn’t have gone to this film at all if it hadn’t been for the fact that Nathan Fillion was in it. I hadn’t seen the first White Noise film so why would I go see the sequel.

I didn’t have a horrible time, but if I had paid I would’ve been a little annoyed, because this was a crap film. Maybe twenty minutes into it a group of lads left our screening, and as they walked out one called over his shoulder “This is a shite film!” At that stage I was still giving it the benefit of the doubt, clearly I should have listened, because it was a shite film.

Not that I expected greatness from a film about a man who tries to commit suicide after his wife and son are murdered and leaves his suicide note on his answering machine so that when his best friend calls he is in plenty of time to save him. Lack of organisation and forward planning there Abe.
Let’s see, what else happens in the film? To be honest not a lot, it isn’t even scary. One or two moments when the music cues are so overpowering that you have to give in, but for the most part total and utter pants. And the ending! I’m not even going to bother explaining how pointless and crap it was. Let alone the fact that it make no sense, then again, not much in this film made sense, so at least it was consistent.

In conclusion: Bleurgh, it isn’t even bad enough to laugh at.

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