13 January 2007

So I have a cold today, was snuffly yesterday and today am a veritable snot-monster[1] so have been plonked in front of the telly watching shite. Not BSG season 3 episodes1 & 2 which I have recorded, cause that would be sensible, no, I’m watching shite.

A couple of episodes of The Dog Whisperer which seems to be yer man Cesare going round to people and telling them “dude, or dudette, you know that little four-legged thing running around, wagging its tail and barking? Well it really isn’t a person in disguise so stop trying to pretend it is.”

And then this evening I watched RTE’s Big Big Movie, kids films, because I couldn’t be bothered to even try and find something else. This week’s film was Ice Princess, which was full of familiar faces. The principal wan from School of Rock. Dawn from Buffy. Cheerleader girl from Heroes. And some skater wan as herself.

Twas all great, in that no thinking was required, but as I was watching/reading By The Sword I came to the conclusion that it was, in fact, a post-feminist kids’ flick. See Dawn[2] was this ultra bright girl who wanted to go to Harvard and study physics. Or did she… In order to get a scholarship she had to do a project, and she decided to do it on ice-skating and the physics involved in jumping and spinning and all that malarky. And as time passed she discovered that what she really wanted to do was skate.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usSomething her mother didn’t approve of, what with the costumes and the fact that it was all about being pretty, and that she should be a physicist because there was no shelf-life on your brain. But little whiney Dawn really wanted to skate. I won’t spoil the ending[3] and I’m probably reading far too much into it. Still thought it was amusing how her mother pressurised her into going to school and being brainy rather than being the pretty one; how times have changes.


  1. and not the cute kind either
  2. no that wasn’t her name in the film, but who cares
  3. just in case you can’t guess

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