A Scanner Darkly [based on book] by dir. by


  1. I really really want to see this film, but I don't think I'd be able to manage to drag any of my friends along, so I may have to go it alone.

    Also, Fence, I haven't been able to get onto your blog this last couple of days. Is there something wrong with it?

  2. Go alone, I do all the time. It is loads better than going with someone you won't enjoy it and'll try and chat to you.

    Unless the two (or more) of you aren't enjoying it. Then it's good to have someone to talk to…

    Server on the blog is down for repair. Nothing new there anyways as I've been offline. But it is draggin on, just a tad
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  3. I myself thought the film only worked because of the animation. I don't think it would've conveyed the whole drugged out/paranoid message without the animation. I wouldn't want to see a lot of films done this way but I think it was the perfect choice for this particular PKD story.

  4. Carl I totally agree that animation was needed, it is just this particular style of animation that I have a problem with. It seems to stand in the middle of acting and animation, but lacks the best of both.
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  5. Drugs again. I get the impression they're a bad idea. But my mammy told me that, anyway.

    They're not even interesting. A junkie is pathetic and boring, not fascinating.

    Not going to see this, also, I thin the animation seems like a silly gimmick.

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