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14 December 2005

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Well if Chicken has learned anything it may be not to curse the gods, but somehow I doubt it. After the storms of the last episode he and Lamb are left castaway on a desert island. But there are no polar bears here, only sand. Actually it is more of a sand bunker than an island. Although they do have the company of a whole heap of dead men.

Turns out that quite a few of Anthony’s ships ended up at the bottom of the sea, but Mark himself managed to make it to Caesar’s side. Caesar is out numbered and at a disadvantage, and Pompey thinks he can starve his army to death and defeat. But his supporters disagree. He is the great Pompey Magnus. Surely it is more honourable to engage and destroy the enemy.

Of course Pompey gives in, and so we get to see the great battle of Pharsalus. Well, only we don’t. We get a montage; Caesar preparing and praying, Pompey putting on armour, a few shots of fighting, then a standard falling and its over. Pompey lost, in case you were wondering, and makes for Egypt while most of the others run of Africa.

So things are not going to well for Pompey when he bumps into our Lamb and Chicken, who have escaped the island by lashing the dead bodies together and floating away, yuck.

Lamb recognises the supposed merchant, but it takes Chicken a little longer to grasp the fact that no, he doesn’t resemble Pompey, he is Pompey. But instead of taking the reward and bringing Pompey to Caeser, Lamb buys into Pompey’s speech about his family blah blah blah, and lets him go. Much to Chicken’s annoyance, they could have been drowned in gold.

Mark Anthony isn’t impressed by Lamb’s story either, thinks he should be crucified as an example. Luckily for our Lamb Caeser thinks that Lamb and Chicken are blessed by the gods and so lets them live.

Meanwhile Pompey, who escaped so much dies at the hands of a Roman working for te Egyptians. Beheaded in the sea.

There is also another thread detailing the romance between Sevila and Ocatavia. And Niobe and her sister make up.

All in all a fairly enjoyable episode. But not spectacular.

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