Tall, dark and?

I finally got around to watching Tall, Dark, and Ó hAilpÃín[1] last night. It was an observational documentary looking at the lives of three of the Ó hAilpíns; Seán Óg, Setanta and Aisake.

Seán Óg[2] is a hurler for Cork, but the two others have headed Down Under to become professional Aussie Rules players. And seeing the difference it’d certainly make you think about whether or not the GAA should turn professional. Is it any wonder that the Aussies won the International Rules series? Their players don’t have to worry about jobs as well as playing football; they just train and play. Course, I’m not so sure if it’d work. Are we a big enough country[3] to support 32 full-time professional teams? Actually, it’d be more than 32 wouldn’t it, cause there is football and hurling.


Anyways, I don’t get the drooling over the Ó hAilpíns, they aren’t ugly, but *shrug*.

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