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12 May 2006

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.usThis is the story of Ray, who for the right money can make anyone disappear. Although it isn’t magic he uses, not unless you count a count as a wand. He is a hitman, working in Melbourne, and this documentary style film recounts a few of his jobs. The condition imposed on film-maker Max is that he won’t release the film until after Ray’s death.

It is a strange film, but very enjoyable. The style is used to allow Max to question Ray about his actions. To have an outsider looking in wondering can Ray tone down the violence, or how much would he want in order to eat his own shit. Did I forget to mention this is a comedy?

The focus of the film is all on Ray. The rest of the characters are just their to provide him with something to interact with. And Max, the cameraman is never shown un-pixelated on screen, to protect his identity from the police no doubt. And Scott Ryan gives an excellent performance as the almost charming hitman. His sense of timing is perfect and his delivery of the lines is spot-on. Of course he did write and dirct it, so he should know everything about this character, but it is still a wonderful role.

It is almost a buddy road movie, with Ray, Max and a possible target traveling across Australia to locate some money. There is a great discussion about Wayne Carey and whether sleeping with your vice-captain’s wife could ever be regarded as merely a mistake. Probably more likely to turn out to be a cult hit than a blockbuster, if yuo get the chance you should try to catch this film.

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1 Response

  1. Kate Edwards says:

    fantastic film, loved Benny, this guy is great, would love to see him in more films what a spunk. Have been to see it twice now, Brought the speical edition dvd, all of them were on it except for Benny, which is why I brought it in the first place, what a let down.Thought the odd story line was delivered very well.