The Exorcism of Emily Rose dir. by

16 January 2006

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Based on a true story The Exorcism of Emily Rose deals with the death of Emily Rose. Doctors said she was suffering from psychotic-epilepsy, her priest said it was possession. And because of Father Moore’s role in Emily’s refusal to take her medication, and her lack of medical attention he is put on trial for negligent homicide. Erin Bruner a high-profile lawyer takes his case because she wants to be made senior partener. Father Moore allows her represent him only after making her promise that he can take the stand and tell Emily’s story.

I would probably have enjoyed this film a lot more if it hadn’t tried to persuade me that it was a true story. Any time a film says based on a true story you just know that while there may have been a slight aspect of truth to it, the vast majority of the story has been created. The truth part is just to make you go “OMG, true!”

And in this case the truth aspect did nothing but annoy me. If the film had just been a film then I could have accepted the threatening colour themes and the pathetic fallacy of the weather. Overall i would have enjoyed it more had it set itself out as just a film, without any of the religious baggage.

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