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21 December 2005

So Peter Stringfellow wants to open a lap-dancing club in Dublin. You know, give the punters a bit of a choice, because there just isn’t anywhere for fella’s in Dublin to see the naked ladies now is there?[1]

Have to say I didn’t pay much attention, till I heard where it was going to be… Parnell St.

And where is Parnell St? Well, apart from being round the corner from my gaff all you have to do is find O’Connell St., that’s the main street with the GPO and the Spire, and walk up to the top of it. There is a monument to Parnell where Parnell St cuts across the top of O’Connell St.

Once you’ve reached it you are pretty much on Parnell St., turn left and after around 5 minutes you’ll have reached the proposed site of the three-floor lap dancing club.

And TV3 news said this evening that not only will this club be on Parnell St, around the corner from me, but actually in the Parnell Centre. Which’d be where the cinema is. Now I wouldn’t really be in favour of lap dancing myself, although I do understand that some men out there would be interested[2] but honestly, is Parnell St the best place for it?

After all they currently trying to do up Parnell St, city centre regeneration is the term isn’t it, but sticking a strip joint there will not really make it a desirable place to locate other businesses will it?

And that’s not even mentioning the fact that it is a minutes walk away from a school, opposite a toy shop. Won’t someone think of the children[3]

And as for Strinfellow’s remarks:

[He] has insisted that his lapdancing club will gentrify the area and has said that residents should accept his international reputation.

Maybe someone should remind him that we had a little war to get rid of the previous gentry?

Google news on the story, Parnell pic borrowed from Redivus’ flickr page


  1. god only knows what this will do to my referer logs
  2. Should I start to channel Mrs. Doyle, standing there with his lad in his hand, wanting you to degrade yourself….
  3. I knew Maud Flanders would be of use some day

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3 Responses

  1. Anne says:

    I was going to say… your stats are about to go through the roof, aren't they. ;)

  2. Fence says:

    That's not my reason for posting on this stoy *shifty eyes* not at all. Honest.

  3. weenie says:

    From what I hear, in certain businesses/industries, corporate hospitality now includes taking clients/customers to lapdancing bars. I guess when it's all guys, they'll offer this on a plate to get the deal or whatever, and since money talks, well who'll think of the children? One of the bars in Manchester is on a busy, well to do street, but unless you were looking for it, you wouldn't know what it was.