Cafe-bars and the Demon Drink

14 June 2005

So did that post title get your attention, well this isn’t all that exciting. It is more of a complaint about Fianna Fail, the Publican Party (okay, stolen from a letter in the paper today).

For the few non-Irishers that exist, we have this minister for justice, Michael McDowell. Recently he’s been in the papers here because of his plans to introduce ASBOs, but also because of plans to try and introduce cafe-bars. Places where people can eat and drink at the same time, and so hopefully not get vomiting/fighting drunk all the time.

But then some politicians got upset. 14 FF backbenchers I believe. And Mr. McDowell decided, hmmm, maybe not such a great idea, instead he’s going to allow restaurants to serve a full range of alcoholic beverages (is this really so different?).

Everyone knows that there is a drink problem in Ireland. But personally I don’t see how limiting pub hours, and having them all end at the same time is ever going to help reduce drunken fights. But maybe, having people get used to eating and drinking (so drinking less) will help to change attitudes/practice. Of course it isn’t going to happen instantly, but anyone thinking we can stop night-time brawls with any sort of knee-jerk reaction is not too bright.

If people object to “drunken mobs” then maybe they should try and get more gardaí out on the streets, and so arrest anyone who is causing hassle. Of course, that’d cost more money wouldn’t it?

I’m not even going to go into the fact that there are a whole lot of non-drinkers and designated drivers being ripped off every time they go tot he pub to meet people. And as for mentioning the fact that not everyone who has a couple of drinks in a night is not a “father jack” type.

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