Kiss Kiss Bang Bang [based on book] by dir. by

21 December 2005

Cast: , ,


  • Robert Downey Jr. …. Harry Lockhart
  • Val Kilmer …. Gay Perry
  • Michelle Monaghan …. Harmony Faith Lane

I’ve been vaguely wanting to see this film for a while now, but until last night I kept putting if off. Glad I’m finally went, because this is one of 2005’s best films.

It all starts off with Harry, our narrator, who at first you might think is a tad too po-mo and self-knowing, but he is so well written, and his lines delivered so well by Robert Downey Jr that you are never in danger of distancing yourself from the action, and the humour.

Getting disturbed in the middle of robbing a toy store leads to Harry pretending to be an actor and getting flown to LA for a screen test. There he meets up with Val Kilmer’s Gay Perry character, a P.I., who has been hired to show him the ropes as the character Harry is to play is a detective. But an “every-day” surveillance goes wrong and we end up with dead bodies, severed fingers, guns, suicide and random violence.

Harry is the stranger, introducing us all to the world of LA as he bumbles his way through, always cute and good intentioned, although not always with good results.

A comedy film-noir detective post-modern film with great dialogue, you’ll love it. And if you don’t you should.

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  1. NineMoons says:

    Sorry but filing work shit got in the way of my race to comment instantaneously.

    Loved this film. Want to go again. Why did I wait til the end of the kino run?