Some langer!

Had a really nice weekend doing absolutely nothing. Nada. Not a thing. Was great. I had had vague plans to do a bit of a clean up, hoover etc on Sunday, but then after heading out to buy the paper I just vegged in front of the telly for the day. Lovely Jubbly, because I wasn’t actually watching the telly (well, apart from catching the X-Factor result. How is it that Chico is still there?) I was watching my Buffy dvds. Finished off season 2 and have just begun season 3. The two best seasons of Buffy, imo. Course then I’ll get to intersperse the rest of my Buffy-watching with Angel-watching. I have season 3 and 5 of Angel on order[1] so hopefully they’ll arrive on time so I won’t have to pause my viewing. It’ll be a bit weird seeing Nathan play Caleb after watching and loving him as Mal in Firefly, same for Gina in Angel.

Course, then I woke up this morning and checking my phone’s calendar I realised that this Fri is the last Fri of the the month, which in turn meant that I was supposed to have sent over the library assistants’ hours last Thurs so they could get their dosh. Ooops. Fucking div or what? So I came into work a bit early and emailed them over. Lucky I did, cause at half 8 (when I’m supposed to start) the internet and email went down for 2 hours, so if I hadn’t’ve been early I would’ve been very late with them.

And now I’ve got to find someone to cover the lunch hour on Fri if I want the day off. Had someone lined up, but her niece has gone into hospital in Germany so she has to fly over. Fingers crossed I can get someone, otherwise I won’t be going home on Thurs like I planned.


  1. they are out but I’ve ordered the cheaper versions which will be released later on

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