Human rules don’t apply. There’s only me. I am the law.

It seems to me, that if we had someone, say Spiderman, Batman, Wolverine…who started going through the same thing, they would have legitimate pain. Their need to always be on top of things, their need to stay strong is admirable, and when they crumble under the agony of emotional pain… well it is understood as […]

Buffy – Season III

Season two ended on a bit of a downer, what with the sending Angel to hell and the running away from home, and the expulsion from school, and the death of Kendra, so this season starts off a bit slowly as we meet up with Buffy as she fends for herself. Earning a living as a waitress and shutting herself off from her life as the slayer.

But monsters are never far away and Buffy soon finds out that she has to be the slayer. That is what she is. So she returns to home, to face her friends and family and deal with that aftermath in the second episode.

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Some langer!

Had a really nice weekend doing absolutely nothing. Nada. Not a thing. Was great. I had had vague plans to do a bit of a clean up, hoover etc on Sunday, but then after heading out to buy the paper I just vegged in front of the telly for the day. Lovely Jubbly, because I […]

What’s your library’s mission?

Was browsing on Whedonseque when I came across a link to a very snotty article in the Denver Post. While the columnist was at his library he stumbled across “an unfortunate soul in his mid-30s checking out a half-dozen episodes of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” or some such thing, and instantly I question the function […]