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Existential Mahon Conclusion



Looks like we got ourselves a gubermint. FF in coalition with the Greens. Newsflash via Damien

Voting cats. Maybe not.

So the voting is over, and the counting is over, and bloody FF got in again[1] Friday morning was not…

I said the honourable member was a liar it is true and I am sorry for it. The honourable member may place the punctuation where he pleases.

Edited to add my opinion at the end of the post Mary O’Rourke is a Fianna Fáil politician in her…

Mouth of Flowers

Sun the 16th of Oct was the 115th anniversary of the birth of Michael Collins. And marking this date was…

Cafe-bars and the Demon Drink

So did that post title get your attention, well this isn’t all that exciting. It is more of a complaint…

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