Flight of the Phoenix dir. by

15 March 2005

Cast: , , , , ,
Rated :

You know this is the sort of film that doesn’t really deserve a review. It is cliché-ridden, the dialogue is terrible, you’ll laugh in all the wrong places. But still, it is mindless entertainment that passes the time.

But it does make me glad I didn’t pay to go see it.

Not having seen the original I can’t compare it to that, but I’ve read that the tension and in-fighting in that film was caused by post-WWII tensions, in this film its just there to create some drama.

The plane crash is kinda cool, but the one in The Aviator is far more impressive. I suppose, on occasion the scenery is nice to look at… I’m trying to come up with positives here.
It’s a below average film, but enjoyable enough if you laugh at it rather than try and appreciate it as a film.


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