Irish Grand Slam Hopes Dead

14 March 2005

We had such high hopes. Grand slam, winning the championship. Not to be. French fuckers (fuckers meant in the nicest possible way) ruined it for us.

But to be fair, they performed superbly in the first half. We just didn’t get any possession, and it as only thanks to Ronan O’Gara’s great kicking that we were anyway in touch.

The second half was a brighter one for us. That wonderful try by O’Driscoll. And all of a sudden we were within two points. We were so close.

but it wasn’t to be.


I suppose I could react like the English after our win over them and complain that Baby(?) should have been sent off for his headbutting of O’Driscoll. That Betson (i think) was offside just before the final French try. But I won’t, because all in all France deserved the win.

And there is still the triple crown to play for. It is just so disappointing though. So close.

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