Six Nations Competition

8 February 2005

So the rugby, meant to post this yesterday, but what with one thing and another I didn’t.

Didn’t actually catch any of the France vs Scotland match, but hear there is controversy surrounding a try and a yellow-carding. Scotland almost won, and what an upset that would’ve been. Almost as big as the win Wales had over England. I saw most of the second half of this, and was sure that in the end England would make a come-back. I was delighted when they didn’t. Wales have had such a tough time lately, I was so happy to see them winning.

But, obviously, the main match of the weekend for me was the Ireland vs Italy match
Wasn’t a very good one from an Irish pov, but at least we won. And there were some sweet runs by O’Driscoll. Poor O’Gara had a very rough time of it though, how many misjudged kicks were there? Then again, a lot of that can be blamed on the change of ball. Honestly! You’d think that the governing organisation could get a matter like that sorted and have one standard for all balls. This g-spin (or whatever) ball took them a bit of getting used to.

Despite some of the mistakes made, and the actions of the Italy team, I never actually thought we would lose yesterday, and in the end we pulled away with a few tries. Still, a lot of dodgy moments, but in the end the win is what was most important.

Now the main issue is the injury worry. Both D’Arcy and O’Driscoll have possible hamstring injuries. It looks like they’ll both miss the game against Scotland, which could be very dangerous, although I did read that it is possible O’Driscoll will be back. Here’s hoping neither of them are out for much longer than that. D’Arcy especially, considering how much he has missed already through injury. And O’Driscoll would be a huge loss.

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