Springtime in paris

4 February 2010

rugby rugby rugby

rugby rugby rugby

I know you are all trés excited about this weekend. And any number of future weekends[1] Yes, that’s right my fellow rugby[2] fans, the Six Nations is almost here. And already the meeja is hyped beyond belief. Will we win the Grand Slam for the second year in a row[3]

Or will we do the unthinkable and lose to Italy[4]

I’ve all the dates stuck in the calendar. Himself isn’t a rugby fan so I’ve had to utter a decree that I shall be watching the rugby. He can go shoot things on the PS. That’s what boys like to do isn’t it? We already had a near catastrophe after buying tickets for the film festival and then me thinking, “I really hope there isn’t a match on then…” Luckily enough there wasn’t. So phew, drama over before it happened.


  1. well, not really any number. More like a specific number
  2. because you all are fans. I decree it.
  3. – not very likely, but we live in hope
  4. – even more unlikely, but they live in hope

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