Ultraviolet 1.02 – In Nomine Patris dir. by

3 December 2005

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So episode two and Mike has left the police and joined the “leecher” hunting squad.

In Nomine Patris starts off in a nursing home of some description. And then the appearance of this episode’s Code V, in a fancy-ass car with blacked out window to protect him from the sun. Or at least it protects him until he has a run in with a motorcyclist who ends up taking a crowbar to those tinted windows, sunlight gets in and our vamp goes on up in flames. Well starts to, before he drives off, knocking over the motorcycle and Mr. Road Rage’s passenger.

The squad is called in to investigate after the incident is reported to the police, the girlfriend of the motorcyclist ends up in hospital with spinal injuries and the abandoned car is found by our friends.

Mike wonders why they don’t tell inform the public, why not let everyone know about the Code V problem. But Vaughan has an answer, what with all the panic over every little bug, if people knew about vamps they’d freak out. Turn to religion or something. And where would that lead? To a bishop running the country. Vaughan doesn’t want to live in Iran, do you?

Second episode and this show is ticking over quite well. Pity no more than six were made.

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