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Snuff by Terry Pratchett

Snuff by

A Discworld Night Watch story. Although the Night Watch is now the city watch, and this isn’t set in the city… still. That’s what it is :) It is almost pointless to review this book. I mean, surely if I say...

Everyone step out of the Gloom!

Everyone step out of the Gloom!

This weekend I have mainly been watching dvds. I finally got around to watching The Chronicles of Riddick and I wasn’t overly impressed. It’s okay, but nowt special. I also rewatched Night Watchand if anything I enjoyed it even more. So...

Night Watch [based on book]

Night Watch [based on book] by dir. by

A thousand years ago an agreement was reached, the Light and the Dark negotiated a truce in order to prevent their mutual destruction. Each side ensures the other obeys the rules. The Night Watch are “the good guys” preventing the Dark from breaking the truce. But legend tells of the arrival of a “Great One” who will choose a side, and that side will become unstoppable.

Based on a trilogy of Russian books(by Sergei Lukyanenko) Nochnoy dozor is the first in a series of three books, and for the most part deals with Anton. Born human, he was one of the few able to see, and so become, one of the Others. Each new arrival must choose a side, Light or Dark, he chooses Light, and the film opens with him tracking down a vampire.

Rud éigin faoin seile na buaf agus colm bán

Rud éigin faoin seile na buaf agus colm bán

I’d half a huge long post written about Serenity and the fan ranting and raving and the non-fan flaming, and the Joss getting involved[1] but then I decided, nay, I don’t want to post on this. Instead I’m going to say,...