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A country doctor by

Translated by Ian Johnston ; read Online at Franz Kafka online A doctor is needed, but he has no transport….

The country of the blind by

Read online Long long ago, in a valley in the Andes, a group of settles were cut off from the…

Winter’s tale by

Peter Lake was once in training to be a mechanic, but a tragedy meant that he was cast out of…

City of the Beasts by

Alexander Cold awakened at dawn, startled by a nightmare. He had been dreaming that an enormous black bird had crashed against the window with a clatter of shattered glass, flown into the house, and carried off his mother.

The main reason I picked this one up was that I’d heard quite a few good things about Allende’s version of Zorro and so I figured that I’d give her a go. This is a one of her YA books though, so maybe not a perfect choice to gain an impression of her adult writing.

Weathercock by

ISBN: 0743220153 I’ll start this review by stating that ever since I read I, Lucifer I have been a fan…

One Hundred Years of Solitude by

Think I need a reread, but still fascinating

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