One Hundred Years of Solitude by

29 March 2003

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ISBN: 0140278761

Found this a very strange novel. I knew before I had started that that would be the case though.
But I’m used to fantasy, and in a way magic realism is just a version of fantasy.

It is the tale of the Buendia family is some South American country, most likely a fictional one, but with a basis in real history and politics, and the founding and history of the town of Maconda. But basically the plot revolves around different acts of incest and how mad and sad everyone ended up.

Then again looking deeper at it, the book is more about history and progress. How different cultures view history in different ways. For the characters in this book history is not something you make, but it is something that acts upon people. Driving them to react, outside influences forcing them to adapt and to change but in the end leaving them alone to deal with whatever the consequences may be.

LibraryThing ; A lecture on the book

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