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The gates by

In the beginning, about 13.7 billion years ago, to be reasonably precise, there was a very, very small dot.

Halloween hasn’t quite arrived when Samuel Johnson calls in to the Abernathy’s as he attempts to get a head start on everyone else. Dressed as a ghost and accompanied by his dog, a little dachshund called Boswell, he in for a disappointing evening. Mr. Abernathy wants nothing to do with Samuel’s tricks nor with treats. He has plans for this evening. His wife found a book recently, and together with the Renfield’s they are about have some ‘fun’.

Happy Halloween!

Winter is well and truly here[1] Time for the hat, scarves, and gloves me thinks. Well, if I had a hat. As it is I’m making do with a scarf and...

I will dance On Samhain’s dusky eye

Happy Halloween Pic is from a Worth1000.com photoshop competion; askes a simple question: If the renaissance took place in more recent times, and the models were famous movie monsters/aliens, what would...

Lá Fhéile na Marbh

Last week, on Monday I think, I had just got in from work when the doorbell went. I live in apartments where you have to buzz people in. So I answered...