Happy Halloween!

10 November 2009


Winter is well and truly here[1] Time for the hat, scarves, and gloves me thinks. Well, if I had a hat. As it is I’m making do with a scarf and a pair of gloves. Which reminds me, make sure gloves are dry for the morning[2]

Still, I do love this time of year. Even walking home in the lashing rain on Monday evening with the rain gathering in my shopping bag didn’t upset me. I was a little worried about my Krisprolls[3] not staying crisp, but luckily enough their wrapper was just tough enough to keep out the moisture. Yay for packaging!

I hope everyone had a great Halloween and did plenty of dressing up? I had two whole fancy dress parties. After years with none I was suddenly overflowing with them. Pictures are on flickr is you’re a friend there. If you aren’t, well you’ll just have to use your imagination. I was Little Dead Riding Hood. The wolf got me, but my ghost was back for revenge[4] Twas great fun, even if I did totally forget to bring my white & red make-up with me to Dublin for the second party. Only realised this as I started to get ready and after hitting the nearby shops proclaimed I’m not going if I don’t have any make-up[5] So Himself suggested we go on into town and take a look around. We did, but they were all sold out. However the very kindly future-Nosferatu who works in that little shop opposite the Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre had some white make up that he let me use. And they had one thing of fake blood. So the day was saved! Yay, and yay again. :)

And by the way I totally know that it is November and that Halloween is like totally over and stuff, but, I’m running on a different schedule is all. Or something….

Now that I’m here I really feel like I should have something important, or witty, or just plain brilliant to say. Trouble is, I don’t, I could ramble for a while. Maybe something of value would emerge. But its cold out, and I’m in the middle of reading The Historian and its a long book[6] that I wanna finish sometime this century so I probably won’t go on for too much longer[7]


  1. xmas however is not. So take down them decorations you ebil ebil shopping folks
  2. how this could possibly help me remember I know not.
  3. they are yummy
  4. with weapons!
  5. it wasn’t my party but Id strop if I wanted
  6. it isnt great either. But then again Im only half way through so I shall reserve judgement for now
  7. – As in, I am totally stopping right now

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