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20 June 2018

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At her christening Princess Amy is blessed with the gift of being ordinary by one of her fairy godmothers, and, much to the horror of all around her, that is how she grows up. Where her sisters are tall, blonde and blue-eyed, she has mousy hair, a snub nose, and freckles! As she grows up, her sisters marry but no prince wishes to marry this “ordinary” princess.

And no princess of Phantasmorania will remain a spinster! Her parent’s advisors consider various plans, including paying for a dragon to ravage the land, for every prince would love the opportunity to slaw the beast and be rewarded with Amy’s hand in marriage. But she overhears these plans and decides that is not the life for her and so runs off to live an ordinary life.

The ordinary princess by M. M. Kaye

This is a lovely simple story, perfect for young readers. It is easy to read and entertaining, although, like many children’s fairy tales, it is a tad simplistic but I think that is part of its charm.

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