The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it


  1. Kathleen

    Good luck with your decision to get a dog or not. I love my dog. He was a rescue from Hurricane Katrina almost 6 years ago. Even though he's a lot of work, I can't imagine my life without him.

  2. Aw, a dog! I would like a dog, but having one here is just impractical. However, you offer very compelling reasons for getting one yourself, and it does sound like a good time, so… I know you'll make the right decision. Has anyone asked Lady M her opinion?
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    1. Well we have been watching how she reacts to the neighbours dogs and they don't seem to freak her out, so fingers crossed. I figure we'll get a baby gate so the dog can't get upstairs, Mew will be able to have a space all of her own if she needs it.
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  3. That's great that you have a rescue dog, we were thinking about going to the pound/shelter too, but we think that Lady mew (our cat) will get on better with a puppy rather than an older dog.
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  4. Aw :( Dogs are great to grow up with. But I think that Santa doesn't have a license to transport live animals. Or so they told Karen in Outnumbered :)
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