The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it

I am considering a dog.

I have been talking with himself about it, and it seems like a good time. We’re in a house, with a small garden, a quiet estate, and a big field nearby. Plus as he isn’t working at the moment he has the time to spend with our potential pup during the day.

And today at work a message went up, some one had a message up saying they have 6 puppies looking for new homes. Their mother is a collie-cross, the father is one of two spaniel-labrador crosses. And they are so very cute.

So I am very tempted. Very very tempted.

Himself wants a smaller dog. I’d much prefer a bigger one, these puppies look like in between, so that’s a good compromise, right? Right?

We’ll have the weekend to think it over and then we’ll see.

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