June round up

3 July 2019

Happy July everyone. Here’s hoping you get the weather you wish for this summer. Unless you are in an area of winter at this time, in that case, here’s hoping it is sufficiently, but not excessively winter there.

Course there is climate change to contend with, so… yeah. Enough with the weather small talk.

June is over, so it is time for my round-up of what I read and watched.

And I read 8 books and reviewed six of those, with my “Book of the month” being The girl with the dragon heart by Stephanie Burgis. Although some of the others were really excellent too.

Filmwise I watched 11 films although I only reviewed one, Booksmart and technically I watched that in May, but the review was posted in June, and it was a damn fine film, so I’m calling it my film of the month.

I also watched 36 episodes of television, or at least so trakt.tv tells me. Included in that was season four of Peaky Blinders which I think is a really great show. Even if the plot and acting was rubbish it just looks wonderful. Every scene is like a painting. And luckily the acting and plot are great, so winner all around.

I also watched Good Omens, despite Jack Whitehall being cast in it, I am not a fan of his. However he didn’t ruin it, he was actually quite bearable. And all in all the show was entertaining and worth a watch, although I don’t think it has the heart or emotion of the book. Nevertheless it isn’t an abomination, so that’s nice.

I also watched the first episode of Derry Girls and everyone who said I should watch it was totally right, because it is very funny. I shall be continuing with that.

So what are your favs from June? Any recommendations for me?

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