22 July [based on the book One of Us] by dir. by

13 October 2018

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This is a tough film to watch. As it should be; dealing with mass murder and terrorism as it does. It doesn’t shy away from the violence and horror. And it never, ever glorifies or exploits the facts. The victims are where your empathy and emotion lie.

It really is worth watching, but be prepared for a harrowing watch.

And given the current political situation all over Europe and further afield maybe it a film that needs to be watched. Right-wing groups are on the rise. Nationalism and prejudice are growing.

77 people died on 22 July 2011 because someone believed his way of life was under threat from marxists, liberals, and immigrants. Where does that idea come from and how can it be fought against?

And more importantly, to my mind, how does someone come to be able to slaughter children in such a cold blooded manner, and to believe it to be a correct action? I just cannot understand that. I know it happens much more than we might like to think; people are capable of such evil. But how does someone come to be in that place in their own head, their own morals and think it is in anyway the right course of action.

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