Avengers : Infinity War dir. by ,

29 April 2018

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Given the box office takings I’m guessing you’ve already seen this film. I mean, hasn’t everyone?

But nevertheless there shall be no spoilers here, because you just never know do you…

If you are a fan of the Marvel ‘verse then you’ll be going to see this I presume, and to be honest you need to be a fan because it starts without any recaps or “previously in the MCU” and it keeps right on going like that. It also starts with death and some more death. And yeah, that keeps going as well.

But it also blends a lot of humour in there, and humour that actually works with the film. Thor has some of his best lines, and although his “Thor-ness” is fully on display it still works with all the other characters. Especially with Rocket, I loved their interactions.

But basically this is a film for the fans, and if you didn’t really enjoy the others then this is not a film for you, there is very little character development, because this is the action that all the other films built to, and there is too much action for much development. And usually I’m all about the characters, but here the action worked and kept me invested and entertained because I already know those characters, and I was already invested in their stories before this film began.

This is the start of the action pay-off, we just gotta wait for part two for the rest of it.

Rewatched 15th Sept 2018 – still loved it, and still felt myself tensing up throughout all those action scenes. And totally still love Thor and Rocket! great fun.

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