Solo : a star wars story dir. by

26 May 2018

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The marketing and hype around Solo: a star wars story is remarkable for its absence. I barely saw a trailer for it. Spotted very few posters, if any, outside the cinema. And the excitement levels around it were totally non-existent as far as I could see. Was anyone hyped for its release?

Don’t you find that lack of engagement surprising? This is a Star Wars film after all. And one telling the story of Han Solo!

I know there were shooting issues and directors replaced and all that, but still… very odd.

Solo A star wars story

I have to say that I enjoyed the film. I mean it is no Rogue One, which I loved. But it is no Last Jedi either.1 I was entertained throughout, enjoyed the action and the hi-jinks.

Character-wise it was fine. Nothing great, but it did the job. And actually that is probably the problem with the film as a whole, it is fine. Does the job, but nothing really sparkles in it.

  1. I was very disappointed in Last Jedi because it had all these elements that I loved but nothing in the film actually worked for me 

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